Los Xitomates - High Mexican Cuisine

Xi·tó·ma·tl n. Náhuatl (Aztec language) name for tomato. Aztec fruit with which the ancient Mexicans made one of the greatest contributions to gastronomy in the world. Can one even imagine Italian or Spanish cuisine without the tomato?

High Mexican cuisine (alta cocina mexicana) is constantly evolving, beginning with its pre-Colombian roots, then combined with elements brought to the New World during the Colonial period, up to today's most recent Mediterranean, Continental, Caribbean and Asian influences.

The decor of earth tones, reminiscent of our Mexican landscape, combined with the artwork of Mexican artists, creates an elegant yet calm ambiance in which the most distinguished palate can experience a most sublime meal.

Our orchard-farm
We mainly use homegrown and local organically grown crops

The Chef

At the beginning of the year 2002, Luis Jesús Fitch Gómez, at the time in Jamaica and Steven Miotto at Los Cabos, Mexico, decided to join efforts and make the dream of creating a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, that recreates the taste and colours of the Mexican cuisine, a reality, rescuing the ancient recipes that distinguish the culinary heritage of our country.

Always looking to maintain a high standard and superior quality that will make the Mexican high cuisine an unforgettable experience, they began creating different dishes that satisfy the most demanding, nationals and internationals, palates.

So they arrived to the final product witch offers a casual yet elegant ambiance convened with a superb and original quality food with a wide variety of wines from all the main regions and a sophisticated bar.

Later .....to the task of creating the ideal environment, combining in one space shades similar to our land with ornamental pieces out of the inspiration of Mexican artist, creating with this an ambiance of sober elegance, the perfect frame for the culinary selection that Los Xitomates offers.

Joining the effort, Alejandro Ballesteros (Jano) a Vallartan Celebrity, who becomes Maitre'D, sharing his expertises and knowledge of the local and foreign residents.



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